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  • Update: Tuesday Folders

    Posted by Nona Scott at 12/1/2014
    Welcome back from your fun-filled Thanksgiving weekend. Please be aware that Tuesday Folders will not be sent home this week due to the short week and Thanksgiving break last week.  
    Upcoming Dates :
    Friday, 12/5: Current Event Due in AM Class
    Fourth Grade Teachers  
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  • Thank you, Veterans

    Posted by Nona Scott at 11/10/2014
    Veterans, thank you for your service for our country. We join the rest of the nation on Veterans Day in remembering the sacrifices of all veterans and expressing our appreciation for your service.

    Reading & Language Arts: What's the main idea? What are the supporting details? How can I use context clues to monitor my comprehension? Hey, let's make an inference! These are just a few areas that 4th grade students continue to review in addition to learning how to use thinking maps/organizers to take notes.
    Students are expected to continue to apply all grammar concepts throughout their writing. Ask your students about the different types of punctuation that they have reviewed/learned! :) Person, Place, Thing, Idea: What do these have in common? Let's talk NOUNS. :)  
    The students are enjoying The Birchbark House and learning about Omakayas's family. Please continue to discuss vocabulary and have book conversations at home.

    Mystery Book Cereal Box Project: The requirements for the long-term cereal project were distributed in class and is also posted on the 4th Grade Long-term Assignments page. The project and presentation is due Thursday, November 13.

    Mathematics & Science: We have been working on writing quotients as mixed numbers, adding and subtracting whole numbers, fractions, and mixed numbers... AND measuring lengths with a ruler using the metric system. The kids are working hard!
    In science, studies will continue with a look at how electricity and magnetism are related. Ask your student about how they are similar. Science Fair experiments start this week! Remind your child to bring necessary items.

    Dress Code Reminders: Please review the dress code expectations as we enter the cooler season. Jackets and sweaters worn within the classroom must be navy, red, or white. Also, all denim is to be dark blue and plain (free of designs).
    Are you reading our 4th Grade Newsletter? We hope so! Please write the following quote in your child's agenda by 11/17 for a special treat. It's our way of saying, "Thank you!" Quote: "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." ~ B. Franklin

    Requests & Calendar:
    4th grade teachers are in need of wrapped candy for classroom incentives. If donating wrapped candy, please make certain it's "nut-free." Thank you!!
    11/5 -  Mystery book completed and AR tested
    11/11 - Veterans Day (no school)
    Week of 11/10 - Progress Reports Distributed
    11/14 - AR 50% Milestone
    11/13 - Mystery Book Cereal Project and Presentation
    The Fourth-Grade Team
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  • Spelling Bee and Happy Thanksgiving... Gobble, Gobble!

    Posted by Nona Scott at 11/21/2014
    We are still looking for donations of wrapped candy without nuts, pencil-top erasers, and 6-sided pencils. Thank you in advance for your generosity.  Please contact your child's teacher for more information.  Students should be prepared to begin every day with at least two sharpened six-sided pencils. Having an eraser is a splendid idea, too. :)

    Classroom Spelling Bee:   First Place winners of fourth grade's classroom spelling bee will represent their class at Liberty's Spelling Bee on Wednesday, 11/26, at 8:30. If the First Place winner is unable to perform, the Second Place winner will represent their classroom at the Bee. The students had a wonderful time participating in their classroom spelling bee. Thanks, kids, for all of your hard work!
    1st Place Winners:
    Krishnabalaji (Balu) B.
    Sharia M.
    Ariana R.
    Aryan S.
    2nd Place Winners:
    Jordan H.
    Denny H.
    Melanie L.
    Alyssa T. 

    Reading & Language Arts: We continued with our literature study of The Birchbark House with an assessment this past week. Ask your student about Old Tallow's fantastic winter coat! There are 3 chapters left in this engaging book. Students will be able to AR test on the book once receiving permission from their reading teacher.  Students are continuing to study and review nouns. Ask your student to locate nouns in the house... what type of nouns are they discovering?

    Mathematics & Science: Students are continuing their study in word/story problems and fractions. Please continue to review these concepts at home, too. Science lessons are focused on the study of electricity and magnetism while students complete their science fair activities. Ask your student about the differences between static and current electricity. Visit the 4th grade Social Studies and Science Resources page to view videos.

    11/27-28 - No School/Thanksgiving Holiday
    12/12 - AR 100% Due 
    ~ The Fourth-Grade Team
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  • 1st Quarter Honor Roll

    Posted by Nona Scott at 10/17/2014
    Congratulations to those students who earned Honor Roll for their hard work first quarter! These students will be recognized on Friday, October 24 at 2:00 p.m. in the MPR. Way to go!!

    Distinguished Honor Roll
    Melanie L.
    Sophia N.
    Ryan S.
    Cajsa H.
    Jordan H.
    Iris L.
    Honor Roll  
    Jake H.
    Conner J.
    Morgan K.
    Grant L.
    Sharia M.
    Jude P.
    Balu K.
    Kenton "Broc" D.
    Adriana G.
    Nicki G.
    Colin N.
    Angelina R.
    Kaden S.
    Alyssa T.
    Aryan S.
    Jayda S.
    Raiyan C.
    Juliet R.
    Mckelle M.
    Kevin L.
    Albert A.
    Alexi A.
    Maddy B.
    Ashlynn C.
    Travis G.
    Camilla G.
    Connor O.
    Crew R.
    Nathan Y.
    Chandler Z.
    Niharika A.
    Avery B.
    ~ The Fourth-Grade Team
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  • Fall Break

    Posted by Nona Scott at 9/26/2014
    Thank you for your continued support in your child's academic achievements.  Please encourage your child to read and have wonderful book conversations with you over break.
    Stay safe - we look forward to hearing stories of Fall Break on Wednesday, October 15, when students return to school. 
    ~ The Fourth-Grade Team
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  • Going Strong!

    Posted by Nona Scott at 9/18/2014
    Parents, thank you to all who have volunteered in Quarter 1! 
     Many thanks to Mrs. Astorga for organizing our crew of volunteers. 
    We truly appreciate all you do! 

    Students are continuing to practice strategies to show evidence, make inferences, and use their context clues within a reading selection. Ask your student about Spalding's underlining and highlighting strategy. 
    Students had a wonderful time during class reading and becoming involved in the play "W.O.W." from our Journeys textbook the past few weeks. The students each had a part in the play and were able to tap into their dramatic side! It was great fun. As noted in their agendas, the students will have the "W.O.W." comprehension/vocabulary test on Monday. 
     Grammar and Spelling: 
    We are continuing lessons in capitalization after completing the verb test last week. Capitalization application skills will be reinforced throughout the year in all areas of the curriculum. There will be a capitalization test next week. 
    "Is there dictation and a spelling test this Thursday since it's the last week before break?"   Hey, thanks for asking! Yes, there is.  Additionally, please have your student use their spelling words accurately in various types of sentences (simple, compound, and complex) when completing homework for both their AM and PM block classes.
    In recognition of the events of 9/11, we completed a writing activity to show our support and respect to those who help serve our country. Additionally, the students are creating wonderful thinking maps to reinforce their writing skills while writing a paragraph related to Citizenship Day. We will be completing this activity before break begins next week.
    Math and Science:
    Students have taken their 5th Saxon Test this past week, and they will complete Saxon Lesson 35 prior to Fall Break next week. Recent skills during math include: factors, types of lines, fractions, long division and telling time. Please continue to reinforce these skills at home with your child. 
    The kids are enjoying science activities and lessons related to electricity and magnetism. We will be concluding our study of electricity and magnetism with a review and test this week. Ask your students, "What is the difference between a series and parallel circuit?"  "What is an electromagnet?"  Do they know...? :) 

    Homework Expectations
    Parents, please continue to support your child's growth by checking to see that all homework is completed as assigned. In spelling, check to be sure that words are spelled correctly and are neatly written. Verify all assignments are completed by referencing the agenda daily. Thank you for your support!

    9/26 - Last Day of 1st Quarter... Fall Break Begins!
    ~ The Fourth-Grade Team
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  • Welcome, September! (October is almost here!)

    Posted by Nona Scott at 9/11/2014
    Thank you to all who attended parent-teacher conference presentations! We hope you found the information helpful. We appreciate all you do for our students. :)

    Reading & Language Arts:
    As discussed at conferences, students are expected to continue to apply their accurate sentence-writing skills, including the application of compound and complex sentence elements. Our focus this week is to continue reviewing prepositions and prepositional phrases. 
    Students are learning about the events of 9/11 in classroom discussions, writing activities, and how we show respect to those who help our country. 
    Additionally, we have been analyzing text structure to determine the type of writing and point of view as well as practicing strategies in reading such as highlighting, underlining, and process of elimination.
    Math & Science:
    Math lessons this week focused on lessons 26-30, which included in-depth practice on measuring time. Parents, please continue to practice telling time with your student. :) 
    Science lessons will continue to focus on magnetism from the science textbook. Notes, classroom discussions, and fun activities are taking place in the classroom related to magnetism!

    Accelerated Reader:
    Students should be on target for meeting their goal by September 19. Check your child's progress from home through HomeConnect:

    9/19 - AR 100% Points Due
    9/26 - Last Day of 1st Quarter
    9/29 - 10/14 - Fall Break
    10/15 - First Day of 2nd Quarter
    ~ The Fourth-Grade Team
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