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Click to submit attendance for your student:  Attendance

Submission of attendance each week is a requirement for students in our Full-Time Program.  Please refer to the Student Handbook for more information on this policy.  Click on the word "Attendance" above to submit the attendance form for your full-time student each week before Sunday at 11:00 p.m. 
Remember, full-time students generally spend a minimum of 8.5-10 hours a week working in each of their 3 courses for a total of 25.5 - 30 hours a week, minimum

Time reported should include:
  • All time spent working in the online courses
  • Time spent working on schoolwork in software applications such as Word, Excell, PowerPoint, etc.
  • Time spent in the virtual classroom
  • Time spent in phone calls with teachers
  • Studying for tests/exams and taking the proctored final exam
  • Time spent completing coursework and mastering course objectives, including; reading, researching, writing, drawing, conducting experiments; or any other activity the student engages in to learn course material and complete course assignments.
 Parent Portal
  1. Log-in to the Parent Portal with the username and password provided to you in the Welcome Email. 
  2. Use the Parent Portal Guide to access detailed information about assignments, grades, and activity for your online student.
  3. Use this information daily to help your student stay on track and be successful in her/his online courses!