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Welcome to the Chandler Unified School District
Welcome to the Chandler Unified School District
CUSD Annual Report 2015
CUSD Annual Report 2015
CUSD Choices
CUSD Choices
Journey 2020:
Academic Excellence
Journey 2020:<br />Academic Excellence
Journey 2020:
Outstanding Staff
Journey 2020:<br />Outstanding Staff
Journey 2020:
Effective Management
Journey 2020:<br />Effective Management
Journey 2020:
Culture of Success
Journey 2020:<br />Culture of Success


  • Click here to register to vote.
    Following the 2012 elections, Arizona ranked 45th in the nation for voter turnout. To combat this startling statistic, O’Connor House, the legacy project of Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, has launched a new voter engagement initiative, The Great Voter Challenge.
    “Roughly half of Arizona voters actually vote and that’s frightening. I hope that we can encourage every citizen to register and vote. It’s so important, and Arizona can do better on that score.”
    - Justice Sandra Day O’Connor
     Click here to Register to Vote
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  • Kids School Safety Tips:


    In light of recent reports of encounters with suspicious vehicles in neighboring communities, this is a good time for us to review with our children practices to help keep them safe.  


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  • CUSD Graduates Graphic     
    Did you know? The CUSD graduating class of 2015 earned more than $92 million in scholarship offers.  Congratulations, graduates!
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    The Governing Board recognized staff, students, volunteers and state or national champions Thursday at the District Night of Recognition at the Chandler Center for the Arts. Click here to view the program and see the list of winners.
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  • CUSD excelled at the Arizona Science and Engineering Fair (AzSEF) 72 students earned 106 awards.
    Also, notably Hamilton High School was named the Outstanding Senior High Division School of the Year for the second year in a row. Furthermore, eight CUSD high school students qualified for the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) in May. The Arizona Science and Engineering Fair is able to send 15 projects on to ISEF. This year, nine of the 15 projects advancing to ISEF are from CUSD. ISEF is the premier global science competition with approximately 1,600 high school students from 70 countries showcasing their talent.
    The projects advancing to ISEF are listed below.
    • Kaitlyn Loop and McKenna Loop, Arizona College Preparatory – Erie, “The Effect of the Type of Harvesting Method on the Amount of Algal Mass Recovered for Economically Feasible Biofuel Production”
    • Farah Eltohamy, Arizona College Preparatory – Erie, “Nanotech Fungi”
    • Hal Carrigan, Basha High School, “Can Bacteria Effectively Reduce the Toxicity of Mine Drainage”
    • Samantha Bouchal, Basha High School, “Can Caspase 3 Inhibitors Improve Cornea Storage for Transplant?”
    • Mani Kandan, Hamilton High School, “A Novel Solution for the Visually Impaired Utilizing Computer Vision and Vibrohaptics”
    • Shona Das and Lisa Zou, Hamilton High School, “The Effect of Silicon and Boron on Arsenite Uptake by Maize” 
    • Aryasp Nejat, Hamilton High School, “Developing an Effective Phage Therapy for Treatment of Staphylococcus aureas: The Effect of Bacteriophage K Solutions on Methicillin-resistant s-aureas bacteria (MRSA)”
    • Rebecca Jernigan, Hamilton High School, “The Innovative use of Proteolytic Enzymes as a Specific Targeting Antiviral”
    • Rikita Bharati, Hamilton High School, “Observations of Phytosterol: A Novel Method of Cancer Treatment Using Plant Based Steroid Compounds”

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